Meetings / Dates / Events

You are welcome at Refugee Sisters! It is a safe space! We are looking forward to meeting you! We will support you if you need any kind of advice or help.

Sisters can keep a secret safe. So whatever you tell us or write to us - we will not tell it to anybody else. If you come to a meeting you might learn some personal things about other people there. It is essential that you never share that information with anybody else. Only if we all follow this rule can we feel safe and trust one another.

In our meetings or in an email you can tell us whatever you wish and ask about anything that is going on in your life. But you will also get support for practical things too. If you got a letter but are not sure if you fully understand it or if you need help writing an answer - just bring the letter with you and we will help. If you need information, e.g. about Jobcenter, how to register your new address ("polizeiliche Anmeldung"), how to open a bank account, where to find a football club.... just ask! If you have an appointment with the authorities which might be complicated and would like a support person to accompany you, we can try to find someone.

There is a meeting in a safe space for lesbians, bisexual and queer women. There you can meet, get to know, and network with other women – or just have tea in a relaxing, friendly environment. If you have any questions, worries, or pressing matters you would like assistance with, we can offer you support. The meetings are organized by QRS (, @qrshh). The Refugee Sisters are also present! You are invited to join us! Your creativity is also welcome – if you like, bring your ideas and suggestions for themes you would like to discuss, and co-create the meetings with us. E-Mail us to find out about the time and place. We look forward to meeting you! Follow us on Facebook to find out what is planned for the next meetings.

It is also always possible to make an appointment for an individual meeting.

  • Do you need someone to pick you up from the refugee shelter and bring you back there after a meeting?
  • Do you need money to get a ticket for public transportation to go to a meeting?

  • Do you have kids at home and no one to take care of them if you join us for a meeting?
  • ...

Just contact us, we will find a solution!