We are all human beings, colourful and diverse. We move and change throughout our whole life. Every feeling, every kind of love in the whole variety of colours in a rainbow is a beautiful one and deserves to be there.
Most people and religions, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam or another religion, traditionally believe that there are only two genders - and that those two genders will never change. They often only accept love between a man and a woman.

Social and religious rules and values sometimes feel helpful because they provide orientation and protection – and sometimes they feel very restricting because they stop us flourishing. Some people turn away completely from religion because to them it feels like a prison. But all religions and cultures offer not only traditional interpretations but also different, more inclusive and accepting ones. So if your religion is important to you, remember that it is possible to follow your feelings and your spiritual path at the same time and celebrate it with others.

If you want to learn about groups in Germany connecting LGBTI & religion, you can take a look here.

Some of us live or have lived in a place where religion or society are very strict and conservative. If you break the rules in such a situation you might be accused of being insane, wrong, bad or sinful. If you can't hide your feelings or yourself or you just don't want to, maybe your own family will punish you. In some societies the government will persecute you, maybe even threaten you will death. All these problems exist in Christian as well as in Muslim countries.

Within Germany the legal situation is more liberal than in many other countries. You can find some information about current German women's/LGBTI rights here.

At Refugee Sisters you'll find a safe space for all your rainbow-feelings and the thoughts you have about them. You'll find a space for joy about all the colourful things going on, but you'll find a space for the questions and worries that may arise too. Come and meet other Refugee Sisters! If things are complicated for you, we'll support you to find your way.

Maybe you prefer to stay "invisible" in your everyday life to protect yourself. At Refugee Sisters you can be fully visible and you are welcome to show all your colours.
Sisters can keep a secret safe. What you say and what you show us will not be passed on to anybody else.