refugee sisters

In the families we have grown up in not all of us have been lucky enough to have sisters who support us. But at Refugee Sisters we can be sisters to each other in the way we want a sister to be:
Sisters can help each other. Sisters can learn from each other. Sisters are similar to each other - and at the sime time they are so different! Sisters have knowledge and experience that they can share with one another. Sisters can hug each other. Sisters can laugh together and have fun. Sisters can listen if you need to talk. Sisters can trust each other. Sisters can accept each other just the way they are. Sisters can respect each other - even if they don't always understand or share the same opinion.

Sisters can keep a secret safe. So whatever you tell us or write to us - we won't tell it to anybody else. If you come to a meeting you might learn some personal things about other people there. It is essential that you never share that information with anybody else. Only if we all follow this rule can we feel safe and trust one another.

Come to one of our meetings and get to know us in person!

We've listed a lot of links and addresses where you can get practical tips and information. We are constantly updating this list.

If you have suggestions for the website or are looking for specific information - please write us an E-Mail. This is how you can contact us.