Did you have to leave your home country? And you are now in Hamburg? Welcome to Refugee Sisters! We look forward to meeting you!

You are a woman and fall in love with women or you feel attracted to more than one gender? You're welcome here!
You don't identify with the gender you were assigned at birth? You're welcome here!
You feel like you are more than just one gender? You're welcome here!

You had a long journey to get to Germany, maybe it was exhausting and dangerous. Now a lot of things are new, maybe you do not understand everything and/or some things worry you. Maybe your situation is complicated: Are you living in a refugee shelter? Are you worried that if your relatives or husband find out about your feelings, they might give you a hard time? Do you have children who you really love, but you are also longing for a life of your own? Perhaps you don't have a secure legal status (yet). Do you feel like there are still many hurdles to overcome before you can start some kind of "new life" here? Do you sometimes feel alone with all your questions, fears and worries? Would you like to learn the German language? Do you want to do sports? Would you love to do some sight-seeing and get to know Hamburg? Are you interested in cultural events or do you want to write, dance, paint, draw, play music... yourself? Do you want to meet other people in Hamburg who feel the same and/or who have similar interests to you?

Welcome to Refugee Sisters! We look forward to meeting you!